Mobile App Development


We are the one stop solution for all your mobile app development needs, custom building apps for your business


With more than 60% of the users being online through their smart phones, it has become imperative for businesses to go mobile. Android is one of the largest used mobile OS, providing amazing growth leverages to businesses all around the world. Our extensive Android app development experience helps us provide exclusive flexible and customized Android applications.

The ElQuench Advantage

Our Android app development experts deliver stunning mobile applications with seamless integrations. Skilled at both, native and hybrid app development, our app solutions can be tailored to suit your business requirements. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest technology updates to provide you with highly functional apps at competitive prices.

What we offer:

  • Native & Hybrid App Development
  • UI/UX Designs for Android Apps
  • Custom Enterprise App Solutions
  • Fully Functional Web Apps
  • App Maintenance & Support

Why Android Apps?

Get on the mobile band wagon with an Android app for your business. With the smart phones boom in the tech industry, the Android platform has gained a lot of traction and user loyalty. It provides a highly versatile and engaging experience, paving the way for powerfully designed apps that are built to pull in customers and support business growth.

Highlights of Android App Development:

  • Most-used mobile OS
  • Seamless performance
  • Flawless app development
  • Comprehensive app support

Enable business success through mobile presence

Android App Development services offered by ElQuench are widely acclaimed and recommended by businesses across verticals. We offer robust app solutions in various sectors including lifestyle, news, mobile portals, entertainment and information-based heads. Our in-depth understanding of the Android platform helps us deliver enhanced app solutions.

Innovative Android applications

We create immersive Android applications that are just as innovative as the business that drives them

Immersive rich interfaces

Stunning interfaces with highly intuitive navigation, we deliver smoothly functioning Android apps that are just the right mix for your business

Cost-effective mobile solutions

Delivering custom-built applications, our services include the entire range of Android app development and deployment


Designing next-generation and robust mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch


The ElQuench team is renowned for conceptualizing and delivering out-of-the-box mobile solutions for the iOS platform, supporting online business presences. Working with scalable, secure and feature rich applications, our team is highly skilled in native iPhone app development. We simplify going mobile by bridging the gap to one of the most evolved mobile platforms.

The ElQuench Advantage

Compliant with the leading industry-standard frameworks, our iOS applications are developed for seamless integrations as well as easy scalability. Our solutions range from creating apps for startups to providing mobile enterprise solutions to large businesses. With short project cycles, effective management and guaranteed ROI, ElQuench is the right choice for you!

What we offer:

  • Native iOS App Development
  • UI/UX Designs for iOS Apps
  • Custom Enterprise App Solutions
  • Fully Functional Web Apps
  • Modernizing iOS Apps
  • App Maintenance & Support

Why iOS/ iPhone Apps?

For a successful digital presence, having an iOS application has become essential these days. iPhone users are also usually more prone to spending money in apps compared to Android users. With shorter development to deployment cycle and super-easy Swift platform to work with, iOS is fast evolving platform that cannot be ignored.

Highlights of iOS App Development:

  • Leading mobile OS
  • Flexible development framework
  • Lesser development time
  • Flawless experience across Apple devices

Custom built, powerful iOS & iPhone applications

Employing agile methodologies for quick and comprehensive deliveries, the ElQuench team expertly distills your idea into working interfaces that result in smooth experiences on the iOS platform. We provide end-to-end iOS development services, ensuring your business is presented with the perfect mobile app solution that it deserves for fostering growth.

Enriched iOS applications

Experience beautiful high performance applications that get further enhanced with retina display

Speedy app development

Pulling one over Android, the Swift development framework is versatile and structured for super quick deliveries

Seamless high functioning apps

Developed for the powerful iOS platform, these mobile apps take innovation to the next level for businesses


ElQuench offers custom and feature rich CakePHP web development services for applications across multiple businesses and industries.


CakePHP is an amazingly sturdy PHP framework that is used for rapid development of scalable and highly functional websites and web portals. Using the latest technologies and standards, the ElQuench team enjoys churning out beautiful and tailored solutions.

The ElQuench Advantage

Known as the power player of the industry, PHP is an open-source script language that works wonders when it comes to deploying a wholly customized web application, designed from scratch. ElQuench has a talent pool of PHP developers that expertise in using the powerful PHP libraries and seamless database support for quick and efficient development.

Our areas of expertise:

  • CakePHP Website Development
  • CakePHP CMS & Shopping Cart Development
  • CakePHP Scalable Web Applications
  • CakePHP Custom Module Development
  • CakePHP Integration & Upgradation
  • CakePHP Customization & Extension
  • CakePHP Web Maintenance
  • CakePHP Plug-ins

Why Choose CakePHP?

A robust and rapid structural PHP framework, CakePHP is a cost effective as well as efficient solution for all your business needs. Built on open source platforms, it has excellent cross platform compatibility and flawless functioning. CakePHP is power packed with excellent architecture features, scaffolding and flexible development.

Highlights of CakePHP:

  • Powerful and effective framework
  • Compatibility with ORM & MVC architectures
  • Creates dynamic feature-rich websites
  • Extensively functional libraries
  • Flexible licensing patterns
  • Evolved database support
  • Compatibility with HTML & AJAX

Explore unlimited possibilities with CakePHP

See your business benefited by one of the most widely used open source technologies with CakePHP web development solutions. Developed for rapid design and deployment, CakePHP is a result-oriented solution for fast and efficient web applications, sites and portals that are custom built to befit your requirements.

Flexible & Scalable to the Core

CakePHP has a range of inbuilt functions and a powerful library for seamless development

Compatibility with Majority of OS & Browsers

Being an open source framework, CakePHP has high compatibility across platforms and technologies.

Easy & Efficient Upgradation

CakePHP inherits all the constant PHP enhancements, integrating for upgraded websites on the go.