The Validity Of Any Data Over Any Medium Is Probably Of Utmost Important. But For Any Valid Data, The Foremost Important Thing Becomes – Its Security. For A Company Like ElQuench To Be Able To Stand Tall, One Of The Areas We Hold Expertise In, Is Data Governance And Security.

When you hire a third party company to aid you in your venture, you inadvertently entrust the digital information about your company to it. And there’s only one way to keep that trust intact – have a data governance policy that is both stringent enough to secure your information, and flexible enough to manage it without a hassle. It includes everything from business process management, to enterprise risk planning, to ensuring both privacy and quality of all data.

With the best of technology at hand, and a team that is both skilled and experienced in making a good use of it, our clients can always rest assured, all information here remains safe and secure.

How Do We Attain A Secure Front For Your Data?

  • We make sure there’s never an unauthorized access made in our development space.
  • The security audits we make, are periodical in nature.
  • There is staff dedicated to monitoring and keeping a check on both people and goods making it in and out of the place.
  • Network security is taken extremely seriously.
  • There are firewalls installed, and user authentication in place, everywhere.
  • The systems go through regular updates, software checks, virus scans, and so on.
  • Data is always encrypted through VPN and other channels.
  • Nothing passes in or out without an IP validation.

This is just an overview of how we have a minute-to-minute record of everything that takes place within our systems, while our physical surveillance systems make sure they take the security level up a notch.

When it comes to ElQuench, every client of ours knows that our data governance policy lays out the minutest of details with regards to how business information and activities are to be monitored, while not losing our perspective on data accuracy and accessibility as well. Our policy has us determine who gets to be responsible for which piece of information, under what circumstance, and how it is to be managed procedurally. And we do this with every datum here.

Our approach to data governance and digital security is interdisciplinary one, where we take inputs not just from the IT department, but from our executive leadership at every level, so that our policy remains dynamic with respect to changing needs.

Our data governance policy is therefore, an efficient, and more importantly, a ‘living’ document in every way. And as for security, it’s not just everything digital that we care about. It goes without saying, that even the physical infrastructure is made to go through the same drill – with fire hydrants and alarms placed at regular intervals in all buildings.