We Always Need All Our Doctors And Health Professionals To Have All Hands On Deck For Any Emergency Or Otherwise Medical Cases That Come In. We Want Every Patient To Be Looked After As Soon As Possible, Without Compromising On The Medical Care They Recieve.

While this is what we truly want, and may also be true in an ideal scenario, practicality rarely ever touches the benchmark of the ideal.But like we always say, at ElQuench, we believe we are the creators of our own brand of Enterprise Mobility. And that holds true for every industry that we cater to, the healthcare industry being no exception.

Enterprise mobility has a lot to offer in terms of ease in communication, better flexibility, cost efficiency, as well as increasing the overall productivity. In addition to all these, real-time management is another great feature of enterprise mobility. At the same time, this feature proves beneficial beyond words for the healthcare industry. We help doctors and health specialists devote their time attention to the patients, while we take care of collecting, storing, managing, and updating every piece of information in real time.

We build mobile applications that are custom designed to keep track of all appointments, patient codes, and help doctors schedule all their activities, to reduce human error to a minimum and make every task as seamless as possible.


Furthermore, the access we provide to information is as easy as looking it up on one’s smartphone, without caring about the location; for our service provides a remote access to information as well. This is again an important feature, keeping in mind this particular industry, because there are innumerable people who suffer for not getting an easy and timely admission into a hospital. We empower doctors with the right technology to make it as easy as a mouse click for them to help patients who are not physically present. They can sieve through the patient’s history, make their deduction of the problem, and prescribe the right medicines and course of treatment – all from a location that’s not the same as the patient’s.

As The Architect Of A Mobile Enterprise Solution That Is Custom-Built For A Healthcare Facility Or Organization, We Intend To:

  • Integrate the best of technology with the nuances of the healthcare industry.
  • Have a bigger vision for the industry in terms of its efficiency, both functionally and cost-wise.
  • Keep the system not just updated, but completely safe and secure as well.
  • Ensure every need of every person involved should be catered to, resulting in a well-oiled system that always gives a peak performance.