Digital Marketing


Stay ahead of the competition with sure shot ways of ranking on top of internet searches. Get your brand recognized at affordable options.


The first thing a new user does is to go search on Google or any other search engine for your products or services. To keep up with the changing trends, it is crucial to ensure on-page and off-page optimizations for effective link building and driving traffic to your website. ElQuench also takes care of unique content generation for your business, making it a win-win for you!

Comprehensive SEO services

The ElQuench Advantage

The ElQuench team works with the latest search algorithms and trends so that your business can dominate the search results with a brilliant SEO strategy. We also support with keyword-rich, highly curated content for optimal returns as well as deep inbound links. Our tracking system can provide you with in-depth reports, be it key indicators, landing page performance or lead generation.

What we offer:

  • Optimal SEO strategies for dominating search
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Efficient link building strategies
  • Engaging content for site, blog or articles
Rank higher than the rest

Why SEO?

Your customers are often being led to the top searches on Google, making it difficult for your business to hold its ground against smart competitors. A good SEO strategy can take care of your website, online presence as well as link back to your products for increased visibility. Reaching your target audience and getting relevant traffic is the primary goal of any SEO strategy.

SEO Key Pointers:

  • Dynamic on-page meta descriptions
  • In-depth on-page source code optimization
  • Inbound & outbound link management
  • Influencing unique content
  • Positive impact on website ranking
  • Brand building on the digital platform

Responsive web sites is the way to go forward as the audience goes mobile

Built with incessant industry research and ensuring smooth compatibility for providing luxurious internet experiences, responsive web design and development has become a crucial component of the digital presence of any business. Revamp your business for an enhanced visual and functional appeal that does not stop at widescreens with responsive web solutions.

Top Search Rankings

SEO is a whole package that drives potential users to your site by getting you at the top of all relevant searches

Good Content Optimization

Genuine unique content that is meaningful is ranked the highest by Google, and drives your business online

Cost Effective with Grand Returns

SEO is an ongoing process that takes time for prominent results, but it is highly effective as well as rewarding


Drive targeted campaigns to reach your audience and convert potential search inquiries to valuable business leads


Online advertising gives some of the highest returns when it comes to driving ideal traffic to your website for conversions. One of the most effective online media, PPC advertising pushes forward your brand’s reach to the customers, making the former more visible across all platforms. A cost effective solution, pay per click advertising ensures high business revenues.

The ElQuench Advantage

Moving ahead from enhanced keyword research and competitor analysis, the ElQuench team designs audience and demographics specific PPC campaigns for your business. These ad campaigns are then tested against each other for high performance with constant monitoring. The effectiveness of PPC campaigns is regularly reported in the form of total clicks, conversions, site visits, and so on.

What we offer:

  • Search ads marketing
  • Display Network
  • Remarketing
  • Video & App ads

Why PPC Advertising?

PPC campaigns ensure high ROI delivery in short time spans, and are super cost effective. Getting maximum returns becomes easier through targeted marketing of users, locations, platforms and devices. PPC also complements SEO strategies by providing high returns keywords, market analysis and testing information for better optimization.

Highlights of PPC Advertising:

  • Increased visibility on search engines
  • Targeted marketing solutions
  • Enhanced remarketing
  • High gains, low investments
  • Superior leads and conversions
  • SEO optimization support

Achieve significant ROI through affordable PPC solutions

Any online business requires regular user traffic to survive. Often however, the traffic is not filtered to target a higher percentage of potential users, resulting in lesser returns. PPC advertising ensures brand presence across search engines, relevant partner websites, video marketing as well as mobile apps – giving your business a boost specifically targeted towards generating cleaner leads.

Multiple advertising platforms

PPC advertising can be done on search engines, through Display Network, remarketing, as well as video or app ads

Affordable & Quick results

Leads start pouring in from PPC campaigns right from day one of advertising, resulting in cost-effective high ROI

Better Leads & Conversions

PPC campaigns promise superior leads than generic marketing ideas, given the considerable filtering depth possible


Build a robust online presence for your business, with increased brand awareness and social engagement


Social media defines and drives online presence for brands across the world. It revolves around connecting, engaging and retaining potential and actual customers. An amazing media for generating brand awareness, social media management is a digital blessing for your business. Create visibility and brand loyalty like never before!

The ElQuench Advantage

Equipped with mind-boggling social skills, the ElQuench team is great at managing multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on. Right from strategy building and content creation to execution, analysis, and advertising, we offer the complete package at super affordable rates!

What we offer:

  • Campaign management on social media platforms
  • High reach, followers and engagement
  • Regular monitoring & customer interaction
  • Increased visibility through ad campaigns

Why Social Media Management?

The cut throat competition among businesses on the digital platform has led to brands indulging social media as a major media for roping in potential users. Be it Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, people these days are constantly online, interacting with brands and keeping a tab on recent activities. A managed strategy-driven digital presence can go a long way in building a brand online.

Highlights of Social Media Management:

  • Enhanced visibility on social media
  • Targeted campaigns
  • High brand reach and recall
  • Constant customer engagement
  • High returns on investment
  • Cost-effective marketing

Achieve significant ROI through affordable PPC solutions

The digital world is an advanced replication of the actual economy out there, with each brand trying to pull over another breakthrough concept over its competitor businesses. Social media is a cost-effective and highly efficient tool that you can use for ensuring your business reaches the right audience. With unique content and beautiful campaigns, our social media management will get your customers flocking to you in no time!

End-to-end social media execution

Right from strategy to delivery and measured results, we can help you with comprehensive social media solutions

Affordable with high ROI

With high engagement campaigns and targeted advertising, we know how to make your business go viral

Engaging & increasing customers

Increase brand awareness with social media, interacting and retaining followers loyal to your brand


We provide one stop solution for Email Marketing


Get your first Email Template with responsive layout and litmus test report to ensure that it runs across major email client at 50% discount where a post service is an additional support.

Email is King of Marketing

Old School yet holding an impeccable stand for Marketing, starting from plain professional text email to HTML interactive email where and image/video/GIF are implemented to provide and strong appearance. Targeting from B2B market to B2C market where Email know its targeted audience across the globe. Hand Coded HTML custom Email Template. Email Designed from scratch. Email Designed & Coded as per industry best practices.

Email client:

  • Get your custom email template viewed in Email Client.
  • Apple iPhone & Gmail are covering the 50% of the market to view an email into an email client.
  • Support of email client has evolving from text email to interactive emails.
  • More information in less space with interactive elements.

Inbound Marketing

Its aim is to attract customers towards your products and services and enhances customer experience by offering relevant information. Inbound email marketing works to HELP and troubleshoot the problems faced by users (individuals, Agencies, etc.) in their respective fields by sharing valuable content that is relevant for the target audience.

Identify your Targeted Audience

  • Know your Audience
  • Segement your Contacts
  • Send the Right Email at the Right Time
  • Nurture leads to turn them into Customers
  • Delight your Subscribers and Customers

ESP can gives you wings to fly

Looking for cost effective Marketing, well Email is the thing where and ESP is required to run the campaign effectively. Increasing your deliver ability rate & ROI. Integrating your technology and automation systems with it. Preventing the unsubscribe on account of poor testing or rendering. Scaling the automation to the next level with targeted & relevant communication.

Only Coding

Get your beautifully designed email from us as per your Banding Guidelines.

Only Design

Hand coded HTML email template as per your requirement.

Design & Coding

Design & Code email template as per email best practices.


A powerful content marketing strategy can drive your business through the roof, regardless of the industry


Content development and marketing is that unique approach towards building an online business empire, creating loyal followers and engaging potential customers. Publishing relevant and interesting copy that attracts and keeps the reader hooked onto your website is the most productive way to drive traffic to your business.

The ElQuench Advantage

Content is the king when it comes to subtly influence customers towards a particular idea. ElQuench has an in-house team of content writers that can pick up the correct tone and writing style for your business, aligning your strategies for highly effective results. We also help define SEO strategies and relevant channels that can be employed to push ahead content marketing.

What we offer:

  • Strategy Ideation
  • Creative Content
  • Editorial Content
  • Content Marketing Services
  • Press Releases
  • Measurement Analysis

Why Content Marketing?

Without genuine content that provides relevant answers to a user armed with questions, it is difficult to survive online through just push marketing. People come online looking for solutions to problems that they believe are unique to them; if your business helps them resolve those, they will stick to you no matter what.

Highlights of Content Marketing:

  • Unique brand content generation
  • Longer web footprints
  • Increase in sales over a period of time

We develop power packed content marketing plans for businesses

Align with your target audience on the digital platform with content that has been created specially to boost your profits. With our holistic approach when it comes to content generation, we work across platforms and formats, creating interesting content with immersive visuals for a long lasting impression on the users.

Comprehensive strategy

Content marketing is an ongoing fully developed strategy for driving online leads and conversions

Fuel for your business

Fresh content every week keeps bringing back users to your brand, creating a sense of habit and high brand recall

Interaction with target audience

Publishing unique content on a regular basis is bound to get your loyal followers among your target audience, forming regular conversations


Focus on managing your business while we take care of your brand reputation management without any hassles


The Internet is an open un-moderated platform where anything can be published for everyone to see. To effectively combat negative publicity online, the best way to go about is reputation management through efficient channels. A well developed online reputation strategy can plug that leak in reputation, and put a positive spin on your business

The ElQuench Advantage

When you are running a business, your reputation can seem everything to you. This is where ElQuench comes in the picture, improving online visibility, managing negative reviews, and generating positive opinions online. Reputation management software can only go so far; a human touch is required to understand the sentiments and fix it.

What we offer:

  • Reputation Repair
  • Reputation Protection
  • Review Management
  • Media Monitoring

Why Reputation Management?

If you are just starting out, most probably you have not yet experienced the crushing feel of negative reviews and articles that seem out to destroy your business. Regular diligence checks as well as defending your brand reputation online is a necessity in today’s digital economy. Removing negatives is a more complex job; we ensure they never happen in the first place.

Highlights of Reputation Management:

  • Removal of negative reviews
  • Industrious reputation checks
  • Adding onto positive branding
  • Protection in search results

Show your brand’s best face on search results

Underestimating the need to look good to customers is one mistake that can cost you a major business fallback online. It is way more difficult to build up credibility online, while it only takes a few negative reviews to take it down. Protect the online reputation of your business before it falls victim to the same issues; our extensive reputation management services are there to take care of it for you!

Maintain a good reputation

Reputation management in an integral part of surviving online, be it a startup or a expansive business

Fix how your customers see you

Customers end up believing what turns up in their searches about you, rather than what you generically market about

Image boost for your business

Tailor-made image makeover solutions that provide the perfect brand reputation management is what ElQuench offers