Educational Institutes

Mobile Applications Have A Huge Role To Play In Making The Everyday Life Of A Person As Easy And As Seamless As Possible. Going A Bit Further, We Have Seen The Same Can Be Expected Of This Amazing Piece Of Technology When It Comes To Companies And Organizations As Well. But, When The Word ‘Enterprise’ Is Used In Conjunction With An App, We Always Think Of Huge Companies – Enterprise Companies, Basically. So, How, at ElQuench, Have We Merged The Concept Of Educational Institutes With That Of Enterprise Apps?

The first thing to acknowledge is, that an educational institute could be a school, a college, a university, or even a coaching centre. And irrespective of the size of an organization, the core, in most ways, remains the same. All these institutes need a streamlined management system which can further allow the faculties, students, and everyone else with a decision support system.

Our enterprise mobile application is designed to provide mobility to any educational institute, so that they can have access to information anytime, from any networked and portable computing device, through an untethered use of technology. Here we build custom-designed mobile applications that are powered by the likes of cloud technology, which further help in bringing mobility to an institute.


  • Every technological device, from a mobile phone to wireless network, to every other computing device available, can be integrated to each other, and also with every work process and information, without a hassle.
  • An institute can reroute its focus towards the core functions dealing with education at the heart of it; this will further increase the productivity of the institute.
  • Yet again, with refocussed priorities, by not worrying about running the management, an institute can see itself in a better position with respect to its business efficiency, as well.
  • The beauty of mobile apps is that – of whatever kind they might be, they don’t just bring about functional effectiveness to an organization, but also cost efficiency.


  • Our mobile application is designed, keeping in mind an institution’s specific needs. So one can rest assured, we always create, in every way, a custom-designed application.
  • We understand the importance of communication; therefore the students and teachers will have an easy time interacting with each other through our app’s messaging service.
  • If an institute and its faculty members prefer case-based learning, then our mobile app will be there to aid them in every way, facilitating such a learning and training system.
  • Our app will also help in managing the collection of the fee, even set up a fee collection reminder system, and also aid in enrolment of new students.
  • Supporting e-learning to the hilt, our enterprise app will be there for the students and teachers to access the searchable knowledge base, facilitate online streaming e-learning videos, assist in creating mock examinations, and even provide all learning material and resources, over the cloud.